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Inspiration: Mario Bava

“In a horror film, lighting is 70% of the effectiveness. It’s essential in creation the atmosphere.” ~ Mario Bava

Shame on me.  After a BA degree in Audiovisual Communication, and an almost MA degree in (Theory and Research in) Communication, after a long list of courses taken on film production, film theory, and media studies, I finally got to meet the cinema of Mario Bava.  I’ve only watched three of his films but I am loving his auteurship.

I remember reading about him in the Rue Morgue Magazine but back then I didn’t have Netflix.  I was reminded of him when I was reading this article from Taste of Cinema that mentions one of his films, Black Sunday (1960).  And then it clicked: I had that movie in my Netflix queue for a very long time!

Black Sunday (1960)

After searching if any of the other movies mentioned in the article was available on Netflix (I really want to watch Viy [1966]), it was time for Black Sunday (1960).  And then I was enthralled.  Continue reading



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