Halloween in July

The last couple of weeks I’ve been having a hard case of homesickness.  But not from my actual home.  Instead, I miss a place of autumn, coldness, gloominess, and the real feeling of Halloween.  This feeling has been exacerbated by Tumblr and all the perfect pictures of a season I haven’t yet experienced at its fullness.

Source: Tumblr

This has always been a dream of mine: to live in a place with real autumn and winter seasons.  But since that will not happen any time soon (I don’t like you, never-ending summer), at least not for the next year, I will have to conform myself with pictures of autumn, and (those long lost) rainy days.

Maybe this feeling of belonging has something to do with October, my birth month.  Or that autumn is my favorite season.  Or that I just love pumpkin flavored or scented stuff.

However, this desire often leads me to Etsy, a place that I love and where I can collect all the things I would like to have in an ideal world.  That is why I decided to share my top Halloween in July favorites! *black confetti*

1. Snail-mail times: Set of Seven Two-Sided Halloween Envelopes by EnvelopesbyElise

2. Stationery lover: Halloween Stationery Paper by steelgoddess

3. Baking is love: Rolling Pin with Bats Pattern by AlgisCrafts

4. Postcard collector: Halloween Girls, Set of Postcards by IrenaSophia

5. Paper stuff: Halloween Washi Tape by QueenandCompany

6. Eating the rude: Skeletal Bone Appetit 9-Inch Dinner Plates by foldedpigs

7. Playing by candlelight: Vintage-Inspired Raven Dexterity Game by damnfrenchdesserts

8. Black mug and: Sugar Cube Skulls by dembones

9. Wrapping the dead: Delightfully Morbid Toe Tags by BedlamSupplyCo

10. Fragrance from the other side: Grave Perfume Oil by TheParlorApothecary

The selection of these items was hard because I forget that my interests are considered Halloweeny by most people, so I could easily put all of my Etsy favorites in this post.

I cannot wait for the moment when I feel the autumn weather.



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5 responses to “Halloween in July

  1. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the summer, but you’ve put together a gorgeous collection!

  2. Estoy atras con las lecturas bloggeras. (aun no he leido tu ultimos dos posts)
    sin embargo, came across this post
    belleza de coleccion (as usual!)!!! Morí un poco con el rollin’ pin! ❤

    *typed with the new nails on the keyboard, me tarde*

    • Anya

      Thank you! ♥
      ¿Cómo te va con las uñas? XD

      Quiero hacer otro Etsy post pero no recuerdo de qué lo quería hacer. DX
      Eso me pasa por no apuntarlo…

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