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Inspiration: Róbert A. Borbás / Grindesign

Did you know that most of the accounts I follow on Instagram are tattoo related?  Useless fact about myself.

Last year, when I was researching about tattoos, I came to know about blackwork or tattoos made only with black ink.  According to TattooDo:

Blackwork is pushing dotwork and linework to their extreme, with massive black tint areas, complex geometrical and symmetrical patterns influenced by Polynesian tattoos and graphic art.

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Black on Black: Affordable Plus-Sized Clothing for the Darkly Inclined

I know that finding nice, beautiful clothes is a pain in the ass when you can’t wear less than a size 12.  That is ten times harder when you don’t like light-colored clothes with disgusting shapes or prints, created to hide the aberration that plus-sized people is for societal standards.  When I gained weight, it was hard at first but I accepted it and moved on.  I still wanted to be myself, proud and all.  That included dressing like I always did because the only thing that changed was a number.  My new size did not redefined what I was, and I still wanted to dress my way: sometimes fancy, sometimes grungy, sometimes very feminine, but always darkly inclined.

Inspired by my eternal interest in the dark side of everything, and by Haute Macabre’s The Haute List, I decided to create a list of clothing for the darkly inclined plus-sized lady.  More than it being a reference list for myself, it is a way to share with other plus size and darkly-inclined creatures that there are affordable options for us.  I tried to make this a varied collection but, honestly, it could be seen as an example of my closet.  I do love all these pieces. Continue reading


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Postcards and Stamps from the Other Side


Snail mail makes me happy.  Since I was a child, receiving correspondence was the highlight of my day.  I love receiving packages, letters—even if they’re ads—, and postcards.  I love postcards, especially carefully written and decorated postcards with beautiful images and stamps.  When I learned about Postcrossing, I knew I had to give it a try.

I’ve been on Postcrossing for six years, even though I deactivated my account for most of that time.  Postcrossing is a website where you can exchange postcards with random people.  Recently I activated it again, and I’m loving it.  The trick is to take it easy, and send the postcards gradually, not immediately.  That way you don’t waste so much money on stamps and postcards.  I learnt this the hard way.  In the end you will receive the number of postcards you’ve send that are registered by the recipient.  To this day, my postcards have traveled 378,678 miles.  Isn’t that exciting?! Continue reading


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Creative Blogger Award


I spent the last days in a disturbingly boring routine.  I don’t mind having routines, as long as they keep me genuinely occupied.  That has not happened lately: I keep myself busy but I am not busy in the brain.

My dear friend Naelle from De.Lirium has brought me back to my blog.  I told her, and I told myself, that I was going to blog more (I really should, 100%), but I’m only doing it sporadically.  However, here I am again, because she nominated me to the Creative Blogger Award!

The rules are:

  • Nominate (5?) blogs
  • Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Notify the bloggers that you nominated for the award
  • Pass the rules onto them

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Las dos caras de la violencia en “I Saw the Devil”

Dejando a un lado el hecho de estar académicamente inclinada a la producción cultural coreana, las películas de este país dividido forman una parte importante de mi iniciación en los filmes violentos.  Recuerdo querer aumentar la cantidad de películas vistas (siempre ha sido un reto personal) y recorrer los pasillos (físicos o metafóricos) de la secciones de películas internacionales buscando aquélla que sería mi próxima víctima.  Si me interesaba el título, observaba la portada y leía detenidamente la sinopsis.  En aquel momento no me importaba quién produjo la película, quién la dirigió o quién la actuó.  Si me gustaba lo que había en las letras y las imágenes o si había leído algo interesante en la Rue Morgue o en la Fangoria, la selección de la víctima concluía.  Ya en mi espacio personal, recibía lo que el filme me diera y esto siempre consistía de emociones que surgían de cualquier extremo imaginable: desde miedo e incomodidad hasta carcajadas y lágrimas de felicidad.

Así fue que en algún momento de 2011 me topé con I Saw the Devil (2010).  Tras haberla visto en la Rue Morgue (#108, enero/febrero 2011), la encontré en Netflix y, sin pensarlo dos veces, comencé a verla.

Imagen promocional de I Saw the Devil

Ciento cuarenta y dos minutos más tarde, recuerdo haber pensado: “Yo no estaba lista para este ride.”  Continue reading


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