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Black on Black: Affordable Plus-Sized Clothing for the Darkly Inclined

I know that finding nice, beautiful clothes is a pain in the ass when you can’t wear less than a size 12.  That is ten times harder when you don’t like light-colored clothes with disgusting shapes or prints, created to hide the aberration that plus-sized people is for societal standards.  When I gained weight, it was hard at first but I accepted it and moved on.  I still wanted to be myself, proud and all.  That included dressing like I always did because the only thing that changed was a number.  My new size did not redefined what I was, and I still wanted to dress my way: sometimes fancy, sometimes grungy, sometimes very feminine, but always darkly inclined.

Inspired by my eternal interest in the dark side of everything, and by Haute Macabre’s The Haute List, I decided to create a list of clothing for the darkly inclined plus-sized lady.  More than it being a reference list for myself, it is a way to share with other plus size and darkly-inclined creatures that there are affordable options for us.  I tried to make this a varied collection but, honestly, it could be seen as an example of my closet.  I do love all these pieces. Continue reading



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